Oliver’s 1st Birthday

Last Monday 21st November Oliver turned one. I know this sounds very cliché and everyone is saying it but honestly a year never went by this fast. Where has the year gone. If you told me Oliver was only born a week ago I would believe you.
It was a year with ups and downs. Being insecure quite often, wondering if I’m not failing as a mom. But all together it was the most wonderful year so far and I’m looking forward to more wonderful moments together with Oliver.


First I wasn’t sure how to celebrate Oliver’s birthday. I thought why would I organise a party as Oliver will never remember it anyway. When the date came closer to his birthday (3 months before) I decided to organise a birthday party for him. Probably he will never remember but I like organising parties and for Andy and I it’s also a celebration. Maybe not as much for Andy but I felt like it was my birthday as well. I was reliving the birth again and felt so proud that I give birth to him. Enough reason for a party I would say.


In the end he didn’t had one party but 2 little parties. One he had on his real birthday and one yesterday. I’m so glad we had a little party for him as it really looked like Oliver knew it was his birthday. He had this wonderful happy glow all day on him.
I wasn’t expecting Oliver to be that spoilt on his birthday but he definitely is. He got lots of new toys but I think he enjoyed eating his birthday cake the best.


It was lovely to spent his birthday with lovely friends and family that was actually the biggest present he could get that all the people were around what love and adore him so much.


It was a busy week with my family coming around and now it’s all quiet in the house again. Luckily it’s less then 4 weeks until we’re going to the Netherlands for Christmas. We are looking so much forward to it.

How did you celebrate your little ones first birthday? Let me know in a comment!


X Iva

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