Iva’s Diary #6

We didn’t had the most exciting week last week except for Andy he went Friday to Mallorca, it’s all right for some of us┬áhehe. I’m looking forward to see him again this afternoon, four days without him is long enough.
Today I’m sharing some photo’s from last week, there were some highlight moments though.

It looks like I’m a groupie of meeting bloggers lately. But I decided to go more often into the heart of London as I didn’t do that as much anymore and I was wondering why. It’s such a lovely city and I live so close to it and why not combining trips into London with meeting my favourite bloggers.

I have quite a few ‘favourite’ bloggers but Fleur from FleurDeFlorce is my favourite of all the favourite. So you can imagine that I couldn’t wait to go to the meet up at Harvey Nichols at Knightsbridge with Fleur. She had a meet up at the Rodial Skincare counter. It was perfectly organised, lovely prosecco and the most sweet little cakes. The best of the evening was meeting Fleur of course. She was so lovely and kind and we chatted about for a little while. She looks so tiny in real life it’s so funny how they look differently when you see them in real life.



Oliver and I went to the health visitor on Thursday to get Oliver weight. Oliver enjoyed waiting in the waiting room. He is getting a big boy and weights now 9.5 kg.
After our visit to the health visitor we went to the library and Oliver wanted to pick the books himself.



Andy went to Mallorca on Friday with two of his brothers. So Oliver and I where with the two of us for the weekend.
When Oliver had his afternoon sleep I decided to practice on baking some cupcakes for Oliver’s birthday.
Baking I’ve done before but never really decorated them before so that’s what I wanted to practise. Unfortunately they didn’t looked as good as I was hoping for but they tasted all right though. Fingers crossed they will look better for his birthday otherwise I need to buy some cupcakes and have another go for next year. I don’t have a photo to share of my attempt to get gorgeous decorated cupcakes as I deleted them already because I wasn’t to happy with them haha.

Oliver really wants to do everything his way or no way there days. Since a few weeks haven’t strapped in Oliver when he is in his high chair so he can sit a bit more forward and he did well and just stay in his seat. But as you can see on the photo now he has different ideas about sitting in his high chair like agood boy and rather stands up in it. So we are back to strap him in again but Oliver isn’t to happy about that.


We walked into town as I wanted to get some new pillowcases. Unfortunately they didn’t had the pillowcases I liked anymore so instead I bought something for Oliver. No idea why he should have a Christmas pyjama’s but Oliver does has one know. I couldn’t resist it as it looks so cute.


We didn’t do much the rest of the weekend apart from Oliver having his own party and only wanted to go to sleep at about 11pm. Bye my plan to read a lot in the evening now Andy was away for the weekend. Fingers crossed Oliver goes back to sleep at normal times again.



X Iva

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