Iva’s Diary #4

Saturday we went to visit Andy’s brother in Christchurch, Dorset. It was a 2.5 hour drive. For me the longest drive ever. I was slightly nervous for the ‘long drive’ as I never had this done before and I’m still practising driving in England.
I wouldn’t be able to do a long journey on my own yet. At places where I’m familiar I’m able to drive on my own now. Luckily Andy sat next to me this journey so he could tell me where to go and it made me feel more confident.

Oliver having a stretch in the front seat while we're having a little break

Oliver having a stretch in the front seat while we’re having a little break

Once we arrived at Andy’s brother everyone wanted to hug with Oliver of course it was lovely to see how they interacted with Oliver. Oliver was more impressed with their dog though. He was trying to chase her the whole time. It melts my heart when I see Oliver with a dog or a cat. Maybe one day Andy will let have us a dog or a cat.


In the evening we had some KFC and chatted about for a long time. It was a lovely evening and before we knew it was time to go to bed.
Andy and I didn’t had the best night sleep as we shared our bed with Oliver. I bed Oliver had a lovely sleep as he liked to use all the space in the bed.

In the morning we had a delicious fry up. We were so spoiled there it felt like we stayed in a hotel.
After we went for a little walk down the beach. It was lovely day for a walk, a bit windy the sun was shining a bit.
When we walked back to the house we sae Andy’s brother cleaning our car. What a luxury. We have a shiny brand new car now.



Another brother of Andy lives also quite close so we dropped by there as well and we’re spoilt with a lovely Sunday lunch. They we’re all impressed how well Oliver was eating his lunch, especially when he was eating some sprouts. He really does loves his food.

After a great weekend with Andy’s lovely family it was time to go back home again. All the driving went well and I’m proud of myself that I did it. Next big drive will be to the Netherlands.

We were all knackered once we were back home. Oliver snuggled up to me to have some cuddles before bed time, I love it when he comes himself for some cuddles. In the end he fell asleep on Andy though. Bless him.



Hope you all had a lovely weekend too.

X Iva

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