It’s ok to Moan

I’m inspired by the book ‘The Unmumsy’ Mum from Sarah Turner to write this post.
One of the last chapters in the book gave me such a good feeling and it was definitely an eye opener for me.
Sarah talked in that chapter about that it is ok to moan about your child or motherhood.
I can’t agree more with her, it truly is ok to moan.

You might think why on earth I’m writing a post about this as it might be something very normal to you but for me it wasn’t.

I got always the feeling I wasn’t allowed to moan. I wanted my baby so badly and not everyone agreed with that so when I 100% decided to go for it I had a very strong feeling that I couldn’t moan about anything.
I thought my close friends and family would think that I decided to do this so I should deal with all the consequences.
Nobody ever told me I wasn’t allowed to moan but I had this strong feeling so I actually never did moan about my child or motherhood.

But let’s be real. Life isn’t always wonderful and nice. When you do your dream job there are days or things you don’t like about it and then you also like to moan about it.

I wanted Oliver so badly, my dream did come true having a child and I do love being a mom but it isn’t always that lovely and wonderful and sometimes you wished your child stopped crying but that doesn’t mean that you hate it or rather not wanted to have it at all.

Thanks to reading ‘the Unmumsy Mum’ I seen know for myself that it is ok to moan. I’m still not that person what moans a lot about my child or motherhood that’s just not who I am but sometimes It’s nice to let it all out and moan about whatever you like to moan about.

Because this post is all about moaning I’m going to moan about things I like to moan about today.

– I’m so tired, I want to go to bed, Is it bedtime yet? It felt like Oliver kept on waking up very minute last night. I look and feel like a zombie today.
– Oliver puked out all his breakfast this morning (poor thing) I only just got his pyjamas out the wash, ohh and that smell!
– I thought to do some reading after finishing this post as Oliver is having his afternoon nap. Well Oliver decided to just wake up right know after only sleeping for 30 minutes.

So I’m finishing off this post and give my son some attention. (I really did want to know what was going to happen in the next chapter, well I have to wait till tonight when he’s gone to bed, fingers crossed he does sleep tonight).

X Iva

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