I Will Never Ever…..

The days before I had a child I knew exactly how I would do everything. I would be the perfect mom with the most healthy, well behaved child ever.
When a parent did a certain thing in a shop, restaurant or anywhere else when the child had a tantrum I remember me saying so well I would never ever do this with my own child. HA HA. What was I wrong. Most of the things I said before I wouldn’t do I’ve already done.

Healthiest Baby Ever
Before I was pregnant I had in mind that I wanted to bring my child up very healthy. I would hardly give my child any sweets, chips (we have already been to MC Donald a few times) and other ‘crap’ food. The main reason I wanted to do this was because I never really had the most healthy life style and I did want to give my child a very healthy lifestyle. I still do want to do this not only for my own sake but also because it’s important that your child eats and lives healthy. But I’ve failed already in how I was imagining it. I said before he will not get any sweets until he knows what sweets are (well he obviously knows what sweets are now). I don’t want to blame Andy as it’s much my ‘fault’ as his but he was the one who introduced ‘crap’ food for the first time to Oliver and I know I could have said I really didn’t want it to happen but I let it be. I have to say it’s lovely to see him enjoy a treat so I can’t let him ever have an unhealthy treat. Even that it’s still important to me to let Oliver eat as healthy as possible and create a healthy lifestyle for him I did FAIL in this bit as it didn’t turned out the very healthy way as I wished for before I had a child.

Watching Tele is a Treat
My child would only watch tele know and then as a treat. Most of the time I would let my child play with the TV off. What a joke. Oliver is only one year old and I wouldn’t know how I would have survived without a TV. It’s the perfect distraction when you want to get something done in the house. Yes, I did fail with this as well.

Bribe My Child? No Way
This one was already a big fail when I was an au pair. You can’t say to your child that if he behaves he will get a biscuit. That’s what I thought. After only three weeks of being an au pair I did do it though. Being patient for 45 minutes to get the kids upstairs for their daily bath it was enough and I did say ‘If you go upstairs for your bath now you can watch a bit tele after, or have biscuit or what ever else’ (sorry host mom and dad  if you ever read this). I’m sure I will do  the same to Oliver when I have been patient and going to loose my temper.

Whispering when your child is sleeping
No we’re not going to start whispering when Oliver is sleeping or being very quiet. I can still hoover and dry my hair when he is asleep. All those things I said before and also when Oliver was a new born baby. I have to say I did do all this when Oliver was a new born baby as a new born baby sleeps loads and when he was sleeping it was great for me to do some things in the house. He happily slept trough all the noise. When he was a few months older and getting more a routine during the day and night, was more awake and slept less during the day I really did want him to have his afternoon sleep. I didn’t want to take risk waking him with the hoover or any other noise. So I turned in to the no making sound mom.

Yes I did ‘fail’ with some things. Even that I don’t want to call it failing, things just turned out different then I was expecting it would be.

I think it’s easy to say what to do and what not to do when you don’t have a child yet. I do regret now saying the things I did say about how parents did things before. I’m convinced those people did and still do the best as they can and that they probably just had a hard day like any other parent will have now and then or maybe all the time.
Now I have a child of my own I know how terrible it is when people have to say something about how you bring up your child. You do the best you can and your learning every single day even if you regret doing things it wont say your doing it wrong your only learning and working out for yourself how to do it different instead.
Big apologies to all the parents I had to say something about before I had a child. I certainly do know better know!
Give each other a break and respect people for the way they do certain things, everybody has the right to bring up their child the way they feel happy with (of course there are exceptions).

I’m very curious what you did do but said you would never do with your child. Let me know in a comment.


X Iva



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