I Love Autumn

We had a lovely summery September. The weather was great, lovely and warm. I love summer and warm days but I don’t mind that autumn is coming. It’s such a nice and cosy time of the year. Sweaters on, reading a book with a nice cup of tea and candles on because it’s getting darker sooner as well.


A few years ago I hated it when It was getting darker sooner. That it’s getting darker sooner I don’t mind anymore. The other day I said to Andy It’s actually cosy now it’s getting darker sooner. We put some candles on sit on the sofa with a blanket and watch our favourite TV series.

Brrr.. But I’m still not a fan of cold weather though. I’d rather have nice temperatures. Unfortunately it’s getting colder so we have to wrap us op nice and warm, that’s something I like, to wrap ourselves up in nice and warm clothes.


Oliver isn’t too sure about wrapping up warm yet. He rather eats his hat.

I Love walks in autumn/winter weather. I’m not talking about the rainy days but when it has been frosting and you have a clear blue sky with a bit of sunshine coming through.
It’s still cold outside then but with some gloves and a hat on it’s the perfect weather to have a nice long walk. I can’t wait to walk for hours with Oliver on days like that.


I’m ready for you autumn.

What is your favourite season of the year? Let me know in a comment below.

X Iva


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