Happy Thoughts

Negative thinking is poison for your body. When you think negative all the time everything will be negative. It will affect your whole body, not only mentally but also physically. You’ll feel tired and you don’t have much energy to do things even tiny tasks are hard for you to do. It’s not pleasant to feel like that all the time so it’s Important to have more happy and positive thoughts.

Sometimes I find it hard to think positive. That’s why I created a ‘Happy Thoughts’ notebook. It helps me to think positive on the days I need it.
In this notebook I write as many positive things as possible. So when I read in the notebook it will make me happy.

Today I share what things I write in my ‘Happy Thought’s notebook.


I love quotes. In my notebook I write quotes that give me a positive or happy feeling and quotes that inspire me.


The happy list.
The happy list is a list with things that make me happy. When I’m feeling down I think about my happy list and choose one of the things of the lists what I can do so it will help making me feel happy again. You won’t be happy straight away but it helps distracting you from your negative thoughts and it prevents you from getting in a worse mood.


My Gratitude Log
In this log I’m writing daily one thing that I’m grateful or happy of during that day. Even on your most miserable day there is always something to be grateful for.
Sometimes we seem to forget about those grateful things or moments. That’s why it’s good to think about it every day and for me it helps to write them down so I can read them when I don’t have a good day and think how many good things happen in my life. It surely gives you a positive boost.


Favourite Book Quotes
Sometimes there are quotes in books that make me happy or give me strength.
I decided to start writing them down in my notebook as I otherwise would forget about them. I only just started doing this so there is only one quote on that page so far but that will be filled up pretty soon.


Who doesn’t love to get a compliment? I used to wave away compliments when people gave them to me. These days I hug them with both my arms as it’s wonderful to get a compliment. It definitely makes you feel more positive when you read them back even if they’re from years ago.

Excuse my handwriting, I wish it was more beautiful. It would of looked better if I typed it all out but I love the old school way of handwriting in my notebooks. Although you have an idea of how my ‘Happy Thoughts’ notebook looks like and that’s what I wanted to share with you.

1. Keep the notebook in your bedside table and read in it before you go to sleep. You’ll go to sleep with a positive mind and probably have a good sleep so you can start your next day nice and bright again.

2. When you find it hard to write positive things yourself let your family or friends write in it to start of with. After reading all their positive thoughts or compliments you will be able to write in it yourself eventually.

If you have trouble thinking positive give it a try to start a ‘Happy Thoughts’ notebook or when you are very positive already it’s still brilliant to have a notebook like this. Even on days that I’m a happy bunny I love reading in my notebook as it puts a smile on my face all the time.


 X Iva




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