First Trimester Update

Before I’m sharing any pregnancy updates about the more recent weeks I wanted to write something about my first trimester. I’m already 15+1 weeks pregnant so I’m now in the second trimester. I have been quit looking forward to reach the point to be in the second trimester as my first trimester wasn’t the most exciting one but more about that in this update.

The First Weeks
Finding out being pregnant is excited and wonderful, well that’s how I experience it. The first few days I have been jumping around from excitement that I was pregnant again, I couldn’t be happier but after a few days all the worries started. The first weeks are just very scary in my opinion. So much can still go wrong, obviously there is a bigger change for a miscarriage etc. etc. For me those first weeks are just nerve wrecking and it can’t go fast enough to have a first midwife appointment or scan. Before I reached that moment I had to go through those nerve wrecking weeks. I felt already different then I did with Oliver’s pregnancy. So that made me think is everything ok, am I going to get a miscarriage or something.

I experienced some period like cramps as well and I never had that with Oliver so you can imagine I was worried about it even that I knew it’s quite common from 4 to 6 weeks of pregnancy. I told myself not to worry too much about it and if the pains were getting really bad I would go to the hospital. Luckily the pains were gone by 6 weeks.

I received a letter for the first midwife appointment. I would have the appointment with 9+3 weeks. Still a few weeks to get trough but at least we had a date to look forward too.

Morning Sickness (You Mean All Day Sickness)
Apart from being worried about many things I felt absolutely fine until I was about 7 weeks pregnant. Andy, Oliver and I got a tummy bug from each other. It seemed like I was having it worse than Oliver and Andy. While Oliver and Andy had to be sick a few times and were fine after, I had to be sick constantly and couldn’t even drink any water as it came straight back out. I was worried about it and called the GP he told me to come in to have it checked because I was pregnant. I was not yet dehydrated but he gave me some tablets to stop me from feeling nauseous.
A few days later I slightly felt better again but my appetite wasn’t back yet. I just thought my body needed some time to recover from this tummy bug. When I week passed by and my appetite still wasn’t back I first thought I might have morning sickness but I wasn’t too sure either.
When we went out for lunch and I felt sick from all the food smells in the pub and I hardly managed to eat a cheese toasty I knew it must be morning sickness.

For a week or so I felt ok. The morning sickness wasn’t too bad, my appetite was gone and it made me sick to think about any food but I still managed to eat some food. So I thought this would be it for about 3 weeks as that’s what it was with Oliver. Unfortunately it got worse. I started to be sick from once a day to sometimes three times a day. I kept in mind it would only last for about 3 weeks so that kept me going. Even though there wasn’t anything I could eat. I really hade to force myself to eat something. If it was only for me I would just not eat but there is a little baby growing inside me so I had to. My diet existed mostly out of crackers and fruit.

Because I hardly ate and had to be sick quit often I started losing weight. First it was only about 2-3 kilos. I thought that was already quit something but only a week later I lost already 5 kilos. I wasn’t too worried about it as I assumed I would feel better soon and eat normal again.

I did feel very rubbish though. I felt very sick and I didn’t had much energy to do things what made me feel also a bit down as I felt guilty towards Oliver for not being as active as normal. But again I kept in mind this wouldn’t last forever and my body just didn’t had that much energy due to not eating enough and I just needed to listen to my body and rest when ever I could. So when Oliver had an afternoon sleep I had often an nap myself. When I would feel better again I promised Oliver (more to myself to give me a positive thought) to go out and about and do some fun stuff again. With that thought in mind I kept myself going and feeling less guilty towards him.

First Midwife Appointment and Scan
Finally there was the first midwife appointment. I made me so happy to finally see my midwife and ask her all the questions I wanted to asked and for me and the baby to have a proper check up. Unfortunately the appointment didn’t go as how I expected it to be. I expected we would listen to the heartbeat so we actually had proof there was for real a baby in my tummy apart from the pregnancy tests at home there wasn’t any other proof (the test I took could be negative not?). So that was a bit of a disappointment and we still had to wait another 3 weeks for our first scan. Even that it didn’t go as expected it was nice to see the midwife it still gave us that positive assurance we wanted to have.

The 3 weeks wait until the scan felt very long and I felt very miserable as well. I seemed like I was only feeling worse and worse and because I felt physically bad I felt emotionally also very bad. I had to call my mom as few times when I had a proper meltdown and felt so depressed about not being able to stuff of course all those hormones didn’t help either with my emotional state. Luckily talking to my mom was very helpful and I got trough those weeks.

With my own calculation I was 12 weeks and 3 days pregnant at the day of our dating scan. Finally being able to some more reassurance about our baby. If it’s healthy so far, if there is actually a baby in there and if the heartbeat is beating like it should. It was so wonderful to see the baby kicking about, I had immediately tears in my eyes. I was so relieved, there was really a baby in my tummy with a beautiful heartbeat. Luckily everything is as healthy as it can be what they can see so far on that scan.
The due date changed after the dating scan and my due date now is 17 December.

Finally 12 weeks pregnant. The scan was already a huge relieve to me and a big milestone to have reached that point but being officially 12 weeks pregnant gave me such a wonderful feeling. I thought yes we made it there is a healthy baby growing inside me and we made it to the second trimester.
It was not only a relieve to be in the second trimester to have reached the point for less change of a miscarriage but also that I had put all my hopes to finally get rid of the morning sickness as that would hopefully slowly go away in the second trimester.

It has been quit some weeks in the first trimester but I’m very happy that I’m 15 weeks already, those first weeks feel like their already far behind me. How I’m feeling now and how it’s going with my morning sickness you can read next week in my next pregnancy update.

X Iva

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