Favourite Nail Varnishes

A few years ago nail varnishes were my favourite beauty items. Every time I went shopping I had to have a look at the nail varnishes. I had quite a collection. These days I’m more into the lipsticks but a few weeks ago I was thinking back at my nail varnish time. I realised that I still really like nail varnish and still have a big collection.
It’s funny to see how my collection has changed though. My collection from a few years ago existed out of bright colours and now it turned more into soft pastel colours with a few brighter and darker colours.

In this post I’m sharing five of my current most favourite colour nail varnishes. I’m saying colours as I’m not keen about all the brands but more I will tell about it when I’ll come to the certain nail varnish.

Barry M Pomegranate, Kiko 313, Catrice Think in Dusky Pink, Barry M Acai Smoothie, Barry M Ballerina

Barry M Pomegranate
This colour is one of the brightest colours I currently have. I’m using this colour only in spring/summer. So for now I’ll put it away till next spring but I loved wearing it last season. Nail varnishes from Barry M are currently my most favourite. They last long compare to other brands. The only down side of those brand is that I’m not really keen on their colour collection. Quality wise I would like to buy all of them but they don’t have the colours I like, except for a few colours I do have in my collection.

Kiko 313
This colour I have now a few years. It’s one of my long time favourites. It’s a colour I most likely wear in spring/summer. This colour is also quit a bright colour. I love this fuchsia pink colour. I’ve had a fase I was really into this colour with almost everything, clothes, backs, lipsticks and nail varnishes. Like I said before I’m now more into pastel colours also clothes wise but I can’t say goodbye to this colour nail varnish it will be one of my favourites for a long time. Unfortunately I’m not keen on the nail varnishes from Kiko. They have such beautiful colours in their collections but the nail varnish doesn’t last long. Mostly it chipped already the same day no matter what top coat I’m using.

Catrice Think In Dusky Pink
Love this pink colour. Like the name already says it’s a lovely dusky pink colour. I have quite a few colours form Catrice in my collection. The quality isn’t great bit with a good top coat it will last longer and they have gorgeous colours in their collection.

Barry M Acai Smoothie
This colour I only bought a few weeks ago. I saw this colour and thought immediately ‘’this is my colour’’. Lately I didn’t bought any nail varnishes from Barry M anymore as they never had a colour I liked. When I saw this colour I was very happy they finally had a colour I like again. Since I have this nail varnish I only want to wear it and no other colour anymore.

Barry M Ballerina
This is my current favourite nude pink colour. It’s a beautiful old pink nude. The colour covers perfectly you only need to apply two layers. With some Barry M nail varnishes you have to apply it a few times for full coverage especial with nude colours but with this one you don’t as it’s also a slight darker nude colour.

The most favourite nail varnish brand currently of me, as you probably can guess already is Barry M. It last longer than average and is very reasonable priced.

Barry M Acai Smoothie

Acai Smoothie is my current favourite of the favourites.

What is your favourite brand nail varnish and was is your current favourite shade? Let me know in a comment.


X Iva

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