First Trimester Update

Before I’m sharing any pregnancy updates about the more recent weeks I wanted to write something about my first trimester. I’m already 15+1 weeks pregnant so I’m now in the second trimester. I have been quit looking forward to reach the point to be in the second trimester as my first trimester wasn’t the most exciting … [Read more…]

A Week In The Netherlands

It’s already been two weeks since we’ve been to the Netherlands but today I’m sharing some photos of a lovely week with my friends and family. As we weren’t able to go with Christmas I was looking forward very much to go and see all my loved ones again. It felt like we hadn’t been … [Read more…]

It’s ok to Moan

I’m inspired by the book ‘The Unmumsy’ Mum from Sarah Turner to write this post. One of the last chapters in the book gave me such a good feeling and it was definitely an eye opener for me. Sarah talked in that chapter about that it is ok to moan about your child or motherhood. … [Read more…]


In my ‘Daily Makeup Favourites’ post you could read that my current favourite lipstick is Brave from MAC. There is a story behind this MAC lipstick for me. Which I have with many other makeup items as well. When I don’t use a product anymore I can’t get rid of it because it has a … [Read more…]