In my ‘Daily Makeup Favourites’ post you could read that my current favourite lipstick is Brave from MAC.

There is a story behind this MAC lipstick for me. Which I have with many other makeup items as well. When I don’t use a product anymore I can’t get rid of it because it has a personal story to tell.

What my story is behind my Brave I’m going to tell you in this post.

Last may we went on a cruise in the mediterranean. Sun, sea, beach lovely food and drinks. That’s what you think when your going on holiday.
Unfortunately that weren’t always the thoughts I had. I love to go on Holiday but this time I wasn’t looking forward to it. As I was still in the middle of dealing with my anxiety and panic (more about that you can read in my article about anxiety and panic part 1).
I was only thinking about bad things what could happen on our holiday. Getting very ill and being stuck on the middle of the ocean, that there would be a natural disaster and many other scary thoughts I had in my head.
Most of all I was scared of getting panic attacks during our holiday and that they would ruin it.

All I wished for to have a good time and enjoy our holiday without any panic attacks. Luckily I can say I managed to get no panic attacks but I have been anxious about things. There have been moments that I got all sweaty hands and palpitations but I had it under control and it didn’t ruin the holiday at all.
I was able to distract myself  and enjoy the holiday. Which I’m very proud off.

We had a lovely first holiday with our little family and I was sad when the week was over and we had to go back home again. Before we went on our holiday I wasn’t expecting me to say I would be sad that it was over. I’m glad I did had that feeling as it only proofs more that I really enjoyed our holiday.

When we were at the airport I had to go to the MAC counter of course. I was actually looking for Mehr from MAC but it was out of stock. So I looked around for something else to buy instead. I saw this gorgeous pink/purple/mauve shade. I loved it. When I looked at the name of this lipstick and saw that it was called ‘brave’ I immediately thought that it would be the perfect  souvenir and memory for this holiday. As I found myself very brave being able to manage my anxiety and panic.

I’m still very proud of myself and I adore this lipstick. Not only the colour I love so much but every time I think off this story when I where Brave it gives me such a positive and happy feeling.

Do you also have stories behind some of your makeup, clothes or anything else? Let me know in a comment!


X Iva

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