Before That Perfect Snap

Often I only share the cute and good photos of my little one with my family or on my social media accounts. But we all know that your child isn’t always showing off with that gorgeous smile or they really can’t be bothered you taken some photos of them. So there are always some not so perfect photos I take of Oliver before I get that perfect snap what I’ll share with my family¬†and tell everyone how cute Oliver looks in the photo.

Because the not so perfect snaps of Oliver are also how Oliver is and I actually see him quit often like that I decided to share also some not so perfect photos of him for a change.

The cute and lovely photos I’d normally share and I’d print out to put in a photo frame.

And here the not so perfect photos of Oliver. I still think he looks very cute in those photos but I wouldn’t put those in a photo frame.

I still like to have all those not so perfect photos as they make laugh and they’re great for when he’s Older to show at his girlfriend. He will hate me for that but I don’t really care haha.


X Iva

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