Favourite Nail Varnishes

A few years ago nail varnishes were my favourite beauty items. Every time I went shopping I had to have a look at the nail varnishes. I had quite a collection. These days I’m more into the lipsticks but a few weeks ago I was thinking back at my nail varnish time. I realised that … [Read more…]

I Love Autumn

We had a lovely summery September. The weather was great, lovely and warm. I love summer and warm days but I don’t mind that autumn is coming. It’s such a nice and cosy time of the year. Sweaters on, reading a book with a nice cup of tea and candles on because it’s getting darker … [Read more…]

I’m Back

Hello everyone, Thank you for stopping by at my new blog. I’m happy to write articles again for my blog and share them with you. On my blog you can still find articles about the same subjects as before. Articles about baby, beauty, fashion, lifestyle and other things I like to write about you can … [Read more…]