I Will Never Ever…..

The days before I had a child I knew exactly how I would do everything. I would be the perfect mom with the most healthy, well behaved child ever. When a parent did a certain thing in a shop, restaurant or anywhere else when the child had a tantrum I remember me saying so well I … [Read more…]


In my ‘Daily Makeup Favourites’ post you could read that my current favourite lipstick is Brave from MAC. There is a story behind this MAC lipstick for me. Which I have with many other makeup items as well. When I don’t use a product anymore I can’t get rid of it because it has a … [Read more…]

First Year of Being a Mom

It has been the most wonderful year so far but also a year with many ups an downs. I kept on saying how easy I found it to have a baby. Honestly I didn’t found it that hard as everyone was telling me it would be. But I have to say there have been moments … [Read more…]

Daily Makeup Favourites

I’ve already said it before in my current favourite nail polishes post but it’s funny to see how much your makeup changes over the years. A few years ago I would wear almost everyday a bright fuchsia pink lipstick and now I swapped that bright colour for a more subtle pink lipstick. Because my makeup favourites … [Read more…]