A Week In The Netherlands

It’s already been two weeks since we’ve been to the Netherlands but today I’m sharing some photos of a lovely week with my friends and family.
As we weren’t able to go with Christmas I was looking forward very much to go and see all my loved ones again. It felt like we hadn’t been there for a long time but it was finally time for a trip back home again.
The photo’s below will give you an idea about what a lovely an great time we had.

For the first time we went by car to the Netherlands. From Dover to Dunkirk we had to get the ferry which was really nice as I had a two hour break from driving. I was impressed with how organised it was to go by car and ferry to the Netherlands. I prefer this much better then flying especially with Oliver. Flying is fine but with Oliver I always have to take quit some luggage and its a hassle with carrying everything. Traveling by car was ideal. We could stop when ever we wanted to give Oliver something to eat or change his nappy and there was no hassle carrying all the luggage.

When we arrived we were a bit knackered though so Aunty Kiki looked after Oliver so Andy and I could have a rest. After our rest we went to see my brother at his new office (maybe not as new anymore but it was the first time for me to have a look at it). I used to spend quit some hours in that building when I was younger as it used to be the library.

In the evening we Oma had babysit duties as we went out for dinner with Kiki and her boyfriend.

Every time we are in the Netherlands we’re always busy it’s not a nice relaxing holiday. There are always so many people we want to see and it can be very busy to see all of them especially when your only there for a few days. To be honest it actually never happens that I see everyone I wish to see but the people I haven’t seen this trip I’ll make sure I’ll see next time. I try to see everyone as often as I can.

Someone who we want to see every trip is my grandmother. So on Thursday we went to see my grandmother and my aunt and cousin came around as well.

After our visit at Oma (that’s how we call her in Dutch) we went to do some shopping. Aunty Kiki spoilt Oliver with some presents. Oliver couldn’t wait to unpack them and play with his new toys.

In the Netherlands we celebrate Carnaval, every one dresses up and you go out or watch parades and have a good time. Thursday night Kiki, Andy and I went to ‘Auwwieverbal’. It’s an event with various artist to celebrate Carnaval.
Kiki and I dressed up as Black Swans and we tried to dress Andy up as Jon Snow.

After partying all night on Thursday we took it a bit easy on Friday and relaxed at home most of the time. Oliver was busy helping to fix his highchair.

On Saturday we went to Aachen (Germany) to do some shopping. I got a beautiful bracelet of my grandma which I don’t have a photo of yet to share but I will soon post a photo of it on my Instagram.
Oliver had great fun at the play area when we had a lunch break.

We went to watch the Carnavals parade at my grandma’s.

It was a bit cold watching the parade outside but Oliver was very lucky with all the sweets they threw out.

On Monday the parade was in my hometown and my mom walked in the parade together with Oliver. After wards we went into a café to celebrate even more and we laughed a lot. We definitely had a good time.

We went out for a delicious lunch and did some more shopping on Tuesday.

The time went by way to fast as usual when we’re in the Netherlands. It feels like it’s getting harder every time to say goodbye and leave my family. I have felt quit homesick when we’re back home in England. but luckily I’m feeling much better again and I’m looking forward to the next trips that are coming to see my family.

Because we travelled on a more descend time on the way back Oliver was wide awake and he loved being on the ferry. He also loved to explore our car while we were waiting to get on the ferry.

X Iva



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