Iva’s Diary #4

Saturday we went to visit Andy’s brother in Christchurch, Dorset. It was a 2.5 hour drive. For me the longest drive ever. I was slightly nervous for the ‘long drive’ as I never had this done before and I’m still practising driving in England. I wouldn’t be able to do a long journey on my … [Read more…]

Anxiety and Panic Part 1

Let’s go to MC Donald’s to have something to eat Andy said. ‘’Do we really have to it’s so unhealthy, we eat too often unhealthy food’’. Yeah why not let’s do it. We’re walking in the Mc Donald’s. Almost ready to order. I keep on thinking it’s all so unhealthy. I decide to have a … [Read more…]

Happy Thoughts

Negative thinking is poison for your body. When you think negative all the time everything will be negative. It will affect your whole body, not only mentally but also physically. You’ll feel tired and you don’t have much energy to do things even tiny tasks are hard for you to do. It’s not pleasant to feel like … [Read more…]